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HÅKAN – is an intimate portrait of the legendary chocolatier Håkan Mårtensson, based in Beacon, New York, and his passion for chocolate, creativity, and the importance of family. Håkan opens up about his experiences from starting a new chapter of his career. Building HÅKAN Chocolatier during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and how the love for his family and the passion for his craft are the cornerstones of his successful business.


Starring Håkan and Laura Mårtensson.

Written, directed and produced by Charlie Bennet. Produced and filmed by cinematographer Stephen Szmed.

Håkan Mårtensson

Chocolatier & co-founder of HÅKAN Chocolatier

Håkan Mårtensson is a renowned chocolatier known for his creativity and skillful use of out-of-the-ordinary ingredients. Håkan's passion for pastry and chocolate began when he enrolled at the Culinary Institute in Kristianstad, Sweden, at age 15. Three years later, he graduated as a pastry chef and began his career at Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) department store in Stockholm, known for its high-quality baked goods. In 2005, Håkan joined the Swedish National Culinary Team as a sculptor and brought home gold medals from the World Cup in Luxembourg and the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt. In 2008, Håkan moved to New York City to become the Master Chocolatier at FIKA NYC, where he continued to develop his skills and build his reputation as a top chocolatier. Today, recognized by chocolate connoisseurs worldwide, Håkan is thrilled to have his own chocolate speakeasy in Beacon, New York.

Charlie Bennet

Photographer, cinematographer & director

Charlie is a Swedish born photographer, cinematographer and director based in New York since 2012. He's a seven book published photographer, including multiple cookbooks. Charlie shoots food & beverage, lifestyle and documentary work with assignments globally, especially with a passion for storytelling in the culinary world.

Stephen Szmed


Originally hailing from the plains of Kansas, now in Brooklyn, at 13, Stephen picked up a camera, started making films with his friends, then never really stopped. After attending Emerson College, Stephen’s love of image making grew deeper and continued his pursuit of being a cinematographer with a diverse body of work.

George Bakken

Editor & Colorist

A lot could be said about George, but if you asked him about editing and coloring on HÅKAN he’d say that it reminds him a lot of his favorite tv show Chef’s Table. Having worked on a project influenced by something he loves so dearly, so genuinely, so repeatedly, was a grand privelege.”



Raunak Kapoor, B-camera operator

Ryan Shaw, Assistant Camera

Samuel Perez, Sound Recordist

David Nguyen, Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer

Jack Sheehy, Drone Operator

Charlotte Omnés, Food Stylist & Culinary Director

Jon Palmqvist, Graphic Design

Still photography by Håkan Mårtensson, Laura Mårtensson, Per-Erik Berglund, Daniele Teodoro, Charlie Bennet

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